Meeting the outdoor herd

There are lots of breeds to see and pigs of all ages.

All our sows like to be stroked, so there is plenty of hands on required!


During the day we meet the main herd who are kept on a field.  You will see how we keep them secure, fed and watered, the many different types of Ark we have, and discuss the merits of different arks.

Trixie the Tamworth says “hello”


Trixie the Tamworth introduces her piglet Tamsin to the course.

We explain the differences between the various breeds and help you choose which will be right for you


We have lots of different breeds to show you and we compare and discuss size shape and how they look.  Whether you decide to specialise in one breed, have several, or choose an attractive crossbred or maybe just a pet pig, seeing what each looks like will ensure you make the right decision.

Meeting the young gilts

The course meet some of the younger members of the herd in the field.  A “Gilt” is a feamle before she has had her first litter of piglets.

In the picture are a Mangalitza (the hairy one at the back), three distinctive saddlebacks (with the white saddle),  and in the foreground a welsh.

You will meet lots of pigs on the course, so you can get a chance to see what breed you might like to have.