Simply Sheep Book

This book has 140 A4 pages with full colour photographs covering all aspects of keeping sheep from fattening lambs to ewes and rams and the lambing process. This book will tell you all you need to know about :

• Creating the environment – fencing, water, food, lambing sheds
• Buying stock – pedigree or crossbred; buying for meat or breeding
• Feed – what you can feed, how much and when to feed.
• Regulations – a comprehensive guide to complying with the rules !
• Breeding – creating your breeding flock, how many, which breeds
• What about a ram : ram hire or buying rams
• The lambing process – what happens, and what do you need to do
• Lambing problems – what can go wrong and how to fix it
• When will your lambs be ready– how to condition score your ewes and lambs.
• Slaughter – planning ahead, transporting, who does what between abattoir & butcher
• Finding an abattoir, what to ask and what to do when you go there
• Finding a good butcher – and what they and you need to talk about
• What joints can you get from a lamb – examples and photos of the cuts you will get
• Selling meat – who can you sell to and what are the regulations
• Health – looking after your flock, and knowing when and when not to call the vet
• Stock tasks – vaccination, worming, foot trimming and shearing

All for £15 plus £2.99 p&p in UK. Please email us for international P&P rates, which are charged at cost.

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