Perfect Pigs Book

perfect pigs book
“With the exception of your complete guide “Perfect Pigs”, my numerous other pig books have been immediately condemned to a life in a box in the garage”Gareth D

“Your excellent book is now set to become my pig bible, an absolutely invaluable reference tool” – Sue P

Perfect pigs book

The book we wish we had had when we started ! 135 A4 pages with full colour photographs covering all aspects of keeping pigs from fattening weaners to breeding. This book will tell you all you need to know about :

• Creating the environment – fencing, water, food, wallows, shade, arks
• Buying weaners – pedigree or crossbred; buying for meat or breeding
• Feed – what you can feed, how much and when, artificial feed vs natural
• Regulations – a comprehensive guide to complying with the rules !
• When will your pigs be ready– estimating weight, time of year and impact on pig.
• Slaughter – planning ahead, transporting, who does what between abattoir & butcher
• Finding an abattoir, what to ask and what to do when you go there
• Finding a good butcher – and what they and you need to talk about
• What you get from a pig – examples and photos of what cuts you get and how much
• Breeding – creating your breeding herd, how many, which breeds
• What about a boar : Boar Hire or buying boars or AI; pedigree stock
• The birth process – what happens and what do you need to do
• Weaning piglets – when to wean, and how
• Selling weaners – advertising, what to do when people visit.
• Pig Health – looking after your pigs, and knowing when and when not to call the vet
• Pedigree pigs – registering and marking

All for £15 plus £2.99 p&p in UK. Please email us for international P&P rates, which are charged at cost.

Alternatively you can send a cheque payable to C Wilson for £17.99 to
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