Close at Cranleigh


We had another good show at Cranleigh on 2nd August. First out again was Hilary our Saddleback sow who won her class. She was followed by the gilts born in July 2013 which was a strong class, eventually being taken by the Old Spot pictured at the rear. Lola the Landrace came a close 2nd, but she let herself down by not moving well around the ring. Next in was Edna the September born gilt who also claimed a first and lastly the little January Saddleback Gilt Bunty who managed a third.












So just like the Singleton show, Hilary and Edna were both out again to contest the Best in Show. With two Oaklands Pigs already in the ring, the judge Richard Lutwyche then asked me to bring Lola the Landrace out again.

Unfortunately she still did not want to strut her stuff and therefore missed out on the Reserve Champion prize.


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