Oaklands Pigs - Sharing our Expertise

Clare & Robin welcome you to the Oaklands Pigs website

Oaklands Farm is a working farm on the Kent/East Sussex Border, near Tunbridge Wells.

We started keeping pigs over 25 years ago, mostly raising weaners for the freezer before starting breeding from our own stock.

We are not currently running any pig keeping courses.

In early 2005 we replaced our many assorted pigs with new pedigree saddleback breeding stock, the foundation of our saddleback herd today. 

Apart from these, we have examples of some of the other traditional pigs, including Tamworths and Kune Kune. We have also kept Middle Whites, Welsh, Oxford Sandys, Berkshires, Large Whites, Old Spots, Landrace, Large Blacks and Mangalitzas in the past. We have recently reduced the number of animals at the farm and now have around a dozen adult breeding stock.

So between us we have many years of experience of buying, keeping and breeding pigs, and offer friendly advice to those new to pig keeping, or those thinking of moving on to breeding pigs.

Here at the farm we have set up a number of different environments in paddocks, woods, and barns with an assortment of styles of fencing and numerous varieties of arks, so there is always something going on at the farm.

Being a small farm, we can take the time to discuss and help you choose your pigs, and give help and advice on setting up and all aspects of pig keeping.

For disease control purposes, we do not hire any boars from this farm, or accept sows for mating.

We are not able to offer any vet student or work experience placements, as there is very little maintenance required for our outdoor herd.

Latest News

Winning Start to the 2015 show season

A fantastic start to the 2015 showing season, with 3 wins at the Heathfield Show.

DSC_0141Lola our Landrace sow continued last year’s form, by winning her class. This year’s new comers Jolene our July Saddleback and Beatrice our September Saddleback also won their classes with Bridget also coming second giving us a one-two in the July Class.

We were beaten in the best in show by a cracking January gilt shown by our friend (and no relation) Mark Wilson.

heathfield 2015 h

Off to the Surrey show on Bank Holiday Monday to see if we can repeat our form

Disabled group come to meet the pigs

Shinewater 2015 aOaklands Pigs played host to a group of young disabled adults recently who came to see the farm.

They were able to hold a baby piglet and meet a variety of breeds and sizes of pig including the mums and babies. Gerry and Margot the Kune Kunes also kept them entertained, as shown here.

The group went on to stroke baby lambs and pet rabbits and see a gundog demonstration. Before finally having a hot dog lunch in the barn. The sausages went down so well, that they bought some more to take back to the other residents at the centre.





Trixie the Tamworth says hello !


The breeding boar


Meeting the outdoor Herd


Getting hands on