Pig most like its handler

Surrey County Show hold a number of novelty classes as well as the serious showing side.

Vera, our Best in Show pig from Heathfield show, only managed to come second in her class. The first being taken by a lovely Welsh pig, who went on to win Best in Show. We did redeem ourselves in the novelty classes, with Tallulah the Tamworth (pictured) winning 1st in the pig most like it’s handler, thanks to a baler twine costume and some cardboard ears sported by Clare. Tallulah also came 2nd in the Happiest pig class by charging around the ring, as only Tamworths can do. Other novelty prizes included Delilah winning grumpiest pig by refusing to move and whining throughout the class. And Vera won the pig that the judge would like to take home.
Tallulah costume

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